Little Shop of Horrors

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken

MNM Productions & The Kravis Center


The Rinker Playhouse at the Kravis Center

December 1-17, 2017

Photos coming soon


Mike Westrich (AEA)
Mallory Newbrough
Peter Librach
Orin, et al
Jim Ballard (AEA)
Gabrielle Graham
Shenise Nunez
Nayomi Braaf
Audrey II
Michael Wallace
Voice of Audrey II
Robert Richards Jr.

Creative Team

Musical Director
Paul Reekie
Roger Dunson
Stage Manager
Suzanne Clement Jones (AEA)
Scene Design
Tim Bennett
Lighting Design
Jayson Tomacheski
Sound Design
Justin Thompson
Costume Design
Leslye Menshouse & Linda Shorrock
Props Mistress
Michelle Fawcett
Marcie Gorman & Michael Lifshitz


"Bruce is truly an actors’ director. I’ve done Little Shop a few times, and he gave me the opportunity to find certain depth and character traits I had never even thought of. His attention to truth and character study truly made me approach Seymour with new eyes and a fresh perspective, and I was able to really take the journey I so wanted under his supportive guidance. It was a refreshing and energizing experience being directed by him."
- Mike W.

"A BIG thank you, Bruce, for all you did for me and for the show! Thank you for sharing your talent, your insight, your vision, your specificity, even your tough love! You shepherded me and the rest of our cast to a WONDERFUL place! I think the most apt descriptive for you would be Uber mensch!! I am loving this experience and look forward to working together again in the future."

- Peter L.

Bruce is an amazing human being. He has a vision but is definitely open to collaboration. From one actor to the next, without doing a line reading, he is able to adapt to each performer in how they respond to direction. Watching him work is a treat. He is here to help communities grow. He connected me with other theatre makers from one audition, and I thank him wholeheartedly."

- Robert R.

"I have had the honor to work with Bruce on multiple occasions, and I can attest that he is an artistic visionary, whose talent and attitude elevates each artistic endeavor to its fullest potential. His detailed oriented and patient approach is a guarantee to make each theatrical production a true success. His passion and drive for the craft is communicable and it inspires everyone who is a part of his collaborative process."

- Jayson T.