Creative Team

Maggie Marlin-Hess
Musical Direction
Paul Reekie
Stage Manager
Suzanne Clement Jones (AEA)
Scene Design
Natalie Tavaras
Costume Design
Jessica Cowden
Lighting Design
Tom Shorrock
Sound Design
Guy Haubrich
Ann Cadaray
Fight Choreography

Samantha Kaufman &

Ross Frawley

Desmond Gallant


"Working with Bruce is the quintessential definition of collaboration. Not only does Bruce emit sparks of artistic ideas for you to play with but is also open to receiving the artistic sparks emitted by those around him. Bruce has this excitedly engaged and inspiring presence which creates not only a fun environment but an accepting one. His ability to take away an actor's self-conscious fear of being wrong creates a world of creativity of which has no limits. This world of encouragement without judgement allows actors to explore deeper into their craft. Bruce also has the unique ability to work flawlessly with actors of all skill levels. He gives inexperienced actors the guidance to learn and grow, while simultaneously giving experienced actors the direction to exceed and expand."
-- Samantha K.

"I had a great experience working with Bruce! I particularly admired the communication skills he demonstrated while working with students and veterans alike. After watching him direct an undergrad in a session, I shared with the student that Bruce had just given him some acting tools that would be of tremendous value to him far beyond this one role in one production."
-- Maribeth G.

"I had the pleasure of working with Bruce when I was hired to play King Sextimus (The Mute). The role requires the King to communicate through pantomime. Bruce's direction and keen eye for physical comedy helped me to mine some pretty hysterical moments."
-- Barry T.

Photo credit Jessica Cowden

Once Upon a Mattress

Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, and Dean Fuller
Music by Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Marshall Barer

FAU Festival Rep
July 9 - 31, 2016

A reimagined production set as a Renaissance Festival show.


Princess Winnifred
Emily Freeman
Prince Dauntless
Eytan Deray
Queen Aggravain
Maribeth Graham (AEA)
King Sextimus
Barry Tarallo (AEA)
Lady Larken
Tara Collandra
Sir Harry
Jordon Armstrong
Connor Padilla
Clifton J. Adams
Ross Frawley
Brianna Handy
Samantha Kaufman
Madison Spear
Andrez Franco
Manny Zaldivar
Doug Wetzel
Savannah Marino