Photo credit Richard Gamble

Creative Team

Stage Manager
Bradford Sadler
Bradley Phibbs
Scene Design
Jorge Perez
Lighting Design
Marianne Scaduto
Sound Design
Guy Haubrich

The Love Talker

by Deborah Pryor

Florida Atlantic University
October 2009

A visceral, atmospheric, and haunting play about coming of age and the consequences of freedom.


"Bruce has a directing style that encourages actors to approach our roles from our five senses, and as fully embodied human beings inhabiting a very real world of the play. He is skilled at facilitating a development of ensemble, working games and physical exercises into the rehearsal process, and finding the moments between each of the characters to explore especially deeply in order to help us discover our own characters and the connections between us.

"Perhaps my favorite rehearsal was when Bruce took us into a wooded area near the theater and let us play. The story of The Love Talker is full of suspense and startling moments, and being in the woods around dusk provided an atmosphere that deeply supported our actor imaginations. Throughout that evening, we reenacted moments and even full scenes from the play – but we also spent a lot of time improvising and exploring our character relationships outside the structure of the play. The experiences of that evening ended up providing me with a deep, lived experience of a back story that no amount of journaling or imagining could have equaled. Now, more than five years later, Bun Blackmun still lives in my memory more vividly than most of the other characters I have played in my career."

-- Jenny N.


Jenny Newbry
Rochelle Kinssies
Love Talker
Garrett Braddock
Red Head
Lauren Washington