Here's what people are saying about working with Bruce... a Director

"Bruce is an actor's director. He directs his actors to find the "truth" in the character: to listen and respond. I have worked with many directors during my long career as a professional actor and can honestly say that Bruce is one of the best."

-- Barry T.

“As a director, Bruce has the advantage of many successful years as an actor himself. He has the aptitude to guide his actors towards a genuine and convincing performance by evoking their most intimate emotions.”
-- Shelley K.

"Bruce encourages actors to approach our roles from our five senses, and as fully embodied human beings inhabiting a very real world of the play. He is skilled at facilitating a development of ensemble and finding the moments between each of the characters to explore especially deeply in order to help us discover our own characters and the connections between us."
-- Jenny N.

"Bruce is a director who leads with his heart, allows for the actor's process, and has a deep respect for the art form. He creates a safe space for an artist to create and mold a performance with his kind direction, gentle demeanor, and respectful attitude towards collaborative work. Bruce is a storyteller deeply rooted in honesty and truthfulness which for an actor is a dream."
-- Sean G.

"Bruce brings a level compassion, respect, and professionalism to every aspect of the rehearsal process from the first read to the final preview, creating a safe and comfortable environment for artists to collaborate to their full potential."
-- Gray W.

"I really appreciated Bruce taking the time to take me and the principals to a shooting range for firearms training. It was a unique experience for the actors and a fantastic opportunity for me to capture field recording of the actors firing weapons used in the production. The sound effects brought an authenticity to the Sound Design and the performance. Few directors would go the extra mile to facilitate an experience like this."
-- Azael M.

"Working with Bruce is the quintessential definition of collaboration. Not only does he emit sparks of artistic ideas for you to play with but he is also open to receiving the artistic sparks emitted by those around him. He has this excitedly engaged and inspiring presence which creates not only a fun environment but an accepting one. His ability to take away an actor's self-conscious fear of being wrong creates a world of creativity which has no limits. This encouragement without judgement allows actors to explore deeper into their craft. Bruce also has the unique ability to work flawlessly with actors of all skill levels. He gives inexperienced actors the guidance to learn and grow, while simultaneously giving experienced actors the direction to exceed and expand."
-- Samantha K.

"I had a great experience working with Bruce! I particularly admired the communication skills he demonstrated while working with students and veterans alike. After watching him direct an undergrad in a session, I shared with the student that Bruce had just given him acting tools that would be of tremendous value to him far beyond this one role in one production."
-- Maribeth G.

"I have worked with Bruce as a private coach and as a director, and he has redefined my approach to musical theatre. He taught me to simply tell the story, encouraging me to make vocal choices that fit the character's truth and given circumstances as opposed to just indulging "pretty singing" or showing off high notes. His passion is contagious and it is comforting to work with a director who is willing to take the journey alongside each actor every single moment of the rehearsal process."
- Gaby T.

“Bruce has the ability to make everyone in the room feel at ease. The trust he builds within his cast keeps the process positive, open and available for risk-taking. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
- Lynn M.

"I’ll never forget the impact Bruce had on my outlook of musical theatre. His passion resonated with the entire group. The most important lesson was seeing, hearing, and responding more internally than externally. I focused more on relationships with characters instead of the performance. His easy-to-learn directing style calmed my anxious mind."
- Derek H.

"Bruce is a director of such specificity and detail. He supports an actor's strengths while lovingly pushes you outside your comfort zone. He is as kind as he is demanding in the rehearsal room. And he's a brilliant actor in his own right!"
-- Wayne L.

“Bruce is a true actor's director. The kind of person that makes you feel completely safe and vulnerable at the same time. The kind of director that will have you do something five times in an audition just to really test your limits and then leaves your head spinning as you blow right past what you thought your limits were during the rehearsal process. Bruce took away my safe zone and got some amazing things out of me that I never knew were there. Not to mention he has the patience of Job."
-- Clay C.

"Bruce is such a fantastic director. He communicates direction very well, and his comforting personality makes it easy for him to pull the truth out. He taught me to trust myself and to take risks with my artistic decisions. Instead of making character choices for us, he encourages organic body language and emotions. He saw something in me I didn't see in myself. He allows us to take risks and to let the walls come down. My favorite Bruce line was "do not try to duplicate your performance." That helped me so much! Every audience is different, therefore every performance will be different."
-- Jinon D.

"Bruce's magic lies in his ability to make his actors feel both safe and challenged - a paradox not many are able to successfully achieve. He allows his actors to discover moments on their own through guided work based on intense character study that is strongly rooted in the text. He works with you and guides you gently through the process. Bruce has passion radiating off of him and walks into each day with a smile. It's a contagious, positive, and beautiful environment to work in."
- Nicole K.

"The thing I enjoy most about working with Bruce is his thoughtful preparedness when he walks into the rehearsal on the first day. However within his preparation there is always room for individual interpretation which makes for a creative and collaborative experience."
- Larry A.

"Bruce has a gift of painting a picture that you can feel, taste and touch. He creates a platform for the actor to build upon while layer by layer, he guides you emotionally as you tap into the core of your character. He has a way of breaking down your walls as you discover your inner strength to venture out of your comfort zone. Not only did I have the privilege of working under his direction but also sharing the stage with him. He commanded the stage with such grace while managing to pull, yet more, from our characters. Truly inspiring!"
- Erika S.

"Bruce is truly an actors’ director. He gave me the opportunity to find certain depth and character traits I had never even thought of. His attention to truth and character study made me approach my character with new eyes and a fresh perspective, and I was able to really take the journey I so wanted under his supportive guidance. It was a refreshing and energizing experience being directed by him."
- Mike W.

"A BIG thank you, Bruce, for all you did for me and for the show! Thank you for sharing your talent, your insight, your vision, your specificity, even your tough love! You shepherded me and the rest of our cast to a WONDERFUL place! I think the most apt descriptive for you would be Uber mensch!! I am loving this experience."
- Peter L.

"Bruce is an amazing human being. He has a vision but is definitely open to collaboration. From one actor to the next, without doing a line reading, he is able to adapt to each performer in how they respond to direction. Watching him work is a treat."
- Robert R. a Teacher/Coach

"Bruce creates an atmosphere of total acceptance and trust that allows, encourages, and motivates students to be completely themselves and to fully commit to the work at hand. He has a profound understanding of what a song means and is able to communicate how to fully and powerfully express its meaning to the listener. Songs are stories when told well. Bruce teaches how to tell the story."

-- Peter G.

"I am forever grateful for Bruce's mentorship and guidance. He encouraged me to take risks in my work, and step out of my comfort zone. He continually challenged me to dig deeper, to trust the text, to live truthfully rather than “show” the audience what I was feeling. He approached every work session with patience and a delightful sense of humor. His passion for the craft is infectious and inspiring. He has helped shape the person and performer that I am today."

-- Talia S.

"Bruce changed me not only as a performer, but as a human being. The connection he has with his students allows young actors to reach beyond their fullest potential. I know he will always be there to support me in all of my theatrical endeavors and I'm so proud to call him a mentor as well as a life long friend!"
-- Olivia D.

"With Bruce I learned to trust myself and my instincts. He taught me to let go of my fear and be an authentic human being on stage. He takes the time to help you grow in whichever faculty you are struggling with. I trust, respect, and owe a lot of my artistic education to him."
-- Stoan M.

"Bruce does not let you off easy. He knew the right steps to get you from A to B and from fake work to real work. When I was doing "Lost in the Brass", he pulled me aside and mentioned a personal experience that I had gone through and it clicked with me: that was how the song should be done. He changed me as a performer. I truly did not understand theatre and it's magnitude until this man became my teacher."

-- Megan R.

“Bruce has the forethought and knowledge it takes to be an effective teacher. He approaches students with positivism while offering them comprehensive guidance to bring out the best in their craft. He does this with authenticity as a successful stage performer for many years himself.”

-- Shelley K.

"Bruce teaches students to approach auditions in a professional manner. He allowed me to evolve and explore my talent in a safe environment. I was always excited about making new discoveries in his class."

-- Alexandra C.

"From the very first day, the way you teach your class brings out the inspiration within your students to really allow themselves to experience their surroundings and grow as a person and actor! I continue to enjoy it every week and am always anticipating the lesson for the next class!"

-- Beatriz M.

"Bruce's passion is contagious and makes me want to delve further into my craft than I thought was possible. I have learned to be aware of the deeper meaning behind what I used to think were the 'little things'."
-- Alexandria T.

"There is an energy and presence that Bruce has when he stands up in front of a room that just captivates any audience. The room lit up and the work was to begin. If my performance wasn’t fully honest, Bruce would help me figure out what was holding me back and he wouldn’t sugar coat anything. His teaching truly helped me find out what truth I was to deliver and share. I learned why it is important to feel what's underneath the words I speak. It’s a pleasure to have been taught by Bruce and an honor to watch him work with actors to be their best selves."

-- Brooke B.